Welcome to HMS-PHAGES day 1!

Schedule for the day:

  • Introduction to the program
  • Tour of the spaces you’ll be working in
  • Laboratory safety orientation
  • IT onboarding on HMS-PHAGES laptops
  • Online safety training

Lunch break

  • Working with Bacteria lab exercises
  • Farm sampling trip briefing

To do list:

  1. Claim your HMS-PHAGES laptop
  2. Join the HMS Guest network and register for guest access
  3. Go to key.harvard.edu to claim your HarvardKey
  4. Go to trainingportal.harvard.edu
    • Search for and launch course LAB100 General Laboratory Safety (EHS)
    • Search for and launch course LAB103 Laboratory Biosafety (EHS)
    • Download your completed training certificates
  5. Go to getonline.harvard.edu and connect to secure wifi